Mar 28, 2010

iNspired (9700, 9000, 9600, 8900)

Name: iNspired

Versions: Today & Plus & Calendar

Compatibility:  Bold 9000 (OS 4.6 & 5.0), Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Curve 8900  (All OS5.0)

Cost: Only $0.99

Overview:  FULL theme using custom icons based on the iPhone icons.

Everything has been themed, all alerts, Message list icons, Unread icons, Phone list icons, etc.
Also includes custom icons for Facebook, YouTube, eBay & IMDb

  • Custom icons iNspired by the iPhone icons
  • Every part of the OS that can be themed has been themed (most themes include less than half of the theme elements of this theme) see screenshots for some examples
  • Click on the custom battery meter to open Options
  • Click on the custom signal meter to open Manage Connections
  • Click on the time to open the Clock application
  • There is a hidden icon for Blackberry Messenger accessed by scrolling right from Messages (or down from the signal meter or up from your 6th icon on the bottom
  • Hit the spacebar to open Messages
  • Hit "$" to open SMS & MMS
  • Hit "0" to open Calculator
  • Dedicated spot on top bar for your Weather application (set to be your 7th application from your main app list)
  • Dedicated spot on your top bar for Profiles (set to be your 8th application from your main app list)
  • Both Weather and Profiles are also displayed on your lock screen
  • 6 user configurable icons across the bottom of your homescreen
  • Zoom in/out transitions between all screens (not available on 4.6 version)
  • Menus slide out from and back into the left side of the screen (not available on 4.6 version)
  • TODAY VERSION: Today area with a preview of your 2 new Emails and 4 upcoming appointments (3 upcoming appts on 9000 version)
  • PLUS VERSION: Hidden today area the shows 6 lines of new Emails or upcoming appointments
  • CALENDAR VERSION: Today area with a preview of your 7 upcoming appointments
  • See the screenshots for lots more details (Note: Screenshots are from the 9000 version. 8900, 9600, 9700 version is slightly different because of the larger screen size)
Screenshots (click on them to see them full size):

Today version homescreen

Plus Version homescreen

Calendar Version Homescreen

Download link:  iNspired


Anonymous said...

has anyone figured out how to get this theme to download????

Joe said...

Find it at Mobihand. Very nice theme. Thanks.

Hiep said...

nice theme, thank you, if there is icons of this
Pls send to
Thanks you very much !

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